Love is ?

Love is an act to express our feelings,

It is not required to fulfil what is missing.

This is the time where we can feel a sparks,

For the two lovers who are falling apart.

Love can do many things for a human being,

It is not an ordinary word but full of meaning.

Love can make the world go round,

It can make two people attracted at the same bound.

Don’t always let your mind dictate what to do,

Just listen to your heart to guide the right way for you.

True love comes accidentally,

But some insane people said it s a destiny.

For me, the meaning of love is forever,

You need to love that person for worse or for better.

My feelings might be different in a year from now,

But true love can make it eternal somehow.

Love is when…

You want to be with him all the time,

And wish it would never be last when years goes by.

We will sacrifice a thousand times just to say I Love You,

And someday, look into his eyes and say…. I DO 🙂


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